Don’t be this, church

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  Oh my church, oh my. Don’t be this, church. While attending a church in Louisville, KY, for six years, I came to love how the church desired community and how they gathered (worship) and scattered (small groups meeting in homes). Meeting people where they were in their life journey. Sins and all. Pointing them to a


Rescued from the Darkest Place

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Meet our guest blogger Andrew Chalmers! Andrew works for Teen Challenge. And, Andrew is drug free.  He was rescued from the darkest place.        My story is a story of redemption and a story of great hope restored. It’s a story that demonstrates the overwhelming grace and love that God has for each


The Addict’s Mom

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The Addict’s Mom For two months now I have been a part of this fabulous resource for mothers of addicts called The Addict’s Mom. The site was developed by a mother of an addict.  The focus is to offer an online support group for moms of addicts. With the intention to be a safe place


An Addict in Our Son’s Bedroom

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An Addict in Our Son’s Bedroom Enabling is a different from helping. This blog link is written by the parents of an addict. They give personal insight into how they set boundaries so as not to enable their son. Hope this helps you in understanding the difference between enabling and helping. Setting boundaries can be


Shedding the Enabler Label: Putting on the Label of Christ

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Wearing the Label No one wants to wear the label of an enabler. Seriously.  Who wants to have this label plastered on the front of their chest? An enabler often is convinced he is helping his loved one in addiction, when, in reality,  he is enabling the addict. The two are distinctly different. Understanding the Label